When the Characters on Screen Can Hear It Too — Diegetic Sounds in Indian Cinema

The film  ‘Monica O My Darling’ executes the same idea and places the theme music amidst the anarchy that settles in the whole plot.  This is the scene where Rajkumar Rao (Johnny) is following the instructions to murder the common blackmailer, Huma Qureshi (Monica Machado). He boards a train, as discussed with his co-plotters, to aid in the dispersal of the corpse. In this relay race while we are constantly listening to the notes of “Monica O My Darling” in high and low pitches, Rao encounters a broken car on his way to the destination, and to add to the glory of the murderer/plotter, the woman inside the car was also listening to the same song, “Monica O My Darling”.  The music that began as an ode to old Hindi cinema was being played conspicuously; and in this particular scene, the background music makes an organic shift becoming a part of the characters on screen.  Just like how we listen to music via the radio or the internet, but we never know the song that plays itself with the unexpected rhythms of our lives – that too, just organically!

Hyperlocal Art Experiences for GenZ & Millennials

Probably, ‘hyperlocal’ is better marketed and consumed today with the advent of technology. However, it raises the ‘Ship of Theseus’ question: how do the Millennials and Gen Z amalgamate the indigenous flavors with modern technology, so that authenticity remains intact while the approach becomes fascinating?

And while we observe and make our notes, what do you think generation Alpha is up to?

Fakir Lalon Shah – Voice of the Poor

Lalon was born a Hindu and was married off at an early age. During his pilgrimage to the temple of Jagannath, he caught smallpox. His companions left him in that state, to be discovered in a semi-conscious state later by a Muslim woman Fakirani Motijaan Maa near the river Kaliganga in Kushtia. She belonged to a Muslim community in the village chheunriya. After recovering from the disease, Lalon headed back to his place, only to find that his family disowned him for taking help from a Muslim family. Lalon intentionally never revealed the details of his real family or anything that would have led anyone to his parents.