The Revolutionary Dancers – Bringing Changes with Movements in Space

Breaking corsets and ghoongrus, modern dance has evolved in several phases, one step at a time. Creating waves in the air, dancing has been at the core of many kinds of revolutions. Syncing one’s body with the beats of the music, the aerial strokes have replaced the ‘talk to my hand’ notion. When the establishment encroached upon the domains of individual freedom, dancers have broken classical norms to bring a change in the system, what we know as ‘revolution’.

Skydiving In the Land of Multicolor Ashes – Banaras

The land is full of whimsical fantasies – the floating earthen lamps, the flying Holi colors, the temple bells, the half-naked pujaris, and the magical steps that lead to the world of mythological water. Banaras is no less than a wonderland, where every lane and brick recites its own story and the city never sleeps, you will find people everywhere-every time.