You often penetrate my Mind


The flinging words, the screeching words, the artistically inflated words or simply words in their birthday suits are impeccably capable of penetrating your mind. And even if I change the word – ‘Word’ from the preceding sentence with terms like ‘Gesture, Expression or Emotion’, I won’t be wrong in concluding that any unquantifiable attraction that fertilizes your brain to grow enormously strong towards it can be defined as an intellectual attraction, that can progressively turn into an intellectual affair.


‘Intellectual affair’ is the most dangerous form of seeking likeability and solace; it is like hugging someone without touching him/her. It is a slow-sweet poison that might or might not kill you and even if you die you won’t be aware of it. The concept is misleading and perpetually underrated.

Till the so called “people in love”  physically start to feel each other, most of us are not going to believe that the attraction is unfair or cheating, but what about emotional cheating ?

What kind of mind space do you allow your partner- is he/she the prime suspect of your psychological thriller and you cannot stop thinking?

Is he/she your soul protector who is remembered when you plan for a dystopian future? or

he/she exists as an imaginary friend who you can deal the way you want?

There can be endless possibilities and it actually doesn’t matter till you find a competition – for instance, when you suddenly have two suspects in your thriller and they both are evidently playing games with your mind, but the most important question is the entry of the second suspect, when all the doors were closed and the sudden presence is actually not that sudden.

Based on Tagore’s novel, Ghore Baire, directed by Satyajit Ray was ahead of its times, focused on a relation that began with a married woman gaining intellectual momentum from her husband’s friend, the USP of the film lies in the fact that the husband instead of becoming frustrated or angry, understands the fact that like mindedness is the seed of infatuation. Here, is it okay to infer that humans are basically polygamous in nature and monogamy was invented to control chaos on earth?

She was completely over powered by the ideologies of the man, in this case the need of Swadesi Movement, she could relate more to him than her husband, we can rather term it as an ‘Ideological Affair’.  The irony lies in the fact that she also loved her husband unconditionally.


Source: Youtube

Now the rivalry is between – Morals vs Desires . ‘Sapiosexuality’ is one’s sexual attraction towards intelligence but then, intelligence can’t be quantified, as the true estimation is solely dependent on your perception of intelligence. So, it is not as simple as taking an IQ test and then match making based on the scores generated. The questions are myriad and answer are juxtaposed, hard to pick and harder to believe.

So can it be only one woman or man who occupies your mind space till you die?