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Evolution of the Indian Art – Is it going to reach every corner soon?

by Anushree Ghosh Contemporary art reinvents itself every moment and has evolved exponentially with creative extractions from popular art sources like folk art. The artist’s vivid use of color, use of space, and stroke portray a series of thought processes — these thoughts are sometimes poured onto the canvas in smooth pastel shades and sometimes …

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Divorce Italian Style

Divorzio all’italiana [Divorce Italian Style] is a magnificent movie masterpiece by Pietro Germi. Starring the ever-dependable, suave and extremely enigmatic Marello Mastroianni, and an ensemble supporting case of Daniela Rocca, Stefani Sandrelli and Leopold Trieste, Divorce Italian Style tells the story of a man married to an unattractive, yet devoted wife, but who instead has …

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